Van Renesse contributed chapters on document security to various books.

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R.L. van Renesse, Appendix: Encyclopedia of Security Documents, pp. 91 - 110.
A revised, extended and illustrated version of this Encyclopedia was issued on CD-ROM in the 2nd edition of Optical Document Security:


Jari Turunen and Frank Wyrowsky (editors), Diffractive Optics for Industrial and Commercial Applications, Akademie Verlag (1997), ISBN 3-05-501733-1.
(Cover photograph: Rudolf L. van Renesse).

R.L. van Renesse, Chapter 12, Security Applications, pp. 325 - 359.


A. Knopjes, and P.J. Lakeman (editors), Chip Card: Trump Card? Consequenses for Investigation and Prosecution, National Criminal Intelligence Division, The Netherlands (1998).

R.L. van Renesse, "Human factors of card security", pp. 37 - 58.

If you are interested in a copy of this booklet, please contact me.


Frank Blaauboer, Esther Kekkers and Piet van den Dool (editors), Beveiligingsjaarboek 2000 (Annual Security Book 2000, in Dutch), 18th edition, Samson, Netherlands (2000).

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J.-M. Fournier (editor), Holography, The first 50 Years, Springer Series in Optical Sciences Vol. 78, Springer Verlag (2003).

R.L. van Renesse, "A review of holograms and other microstructures as security features".
(This chapter, submitted in 1999 and unedited, is now downloadable)

October 30, 2006: The editor informs me that, most unfortunately, this book has never been issued by the publisher. Hopefully the editor still will make this book available electronically.

Download: Review of Holograms.pdf