Welcome to VanRenesse Consulting

We are sorry to inform you that Ruud van Renesse is no longer with us on this earth. He passed away in the warm embrace of his closest family.

November 28th, 2011

May, 2013. We are proud to inform you that our Ruud van Renesse has been added to the Hall Of Fame of International Association of Currency Affairs.

VanRenesse Consulting (The Hague, The Netherlands) provides independent services in the field of document and product security for government departments, banking and financial institutions and industry. VanRenesse Consulting was established in 2002 by Rudolf L. van Renesse, who -from 1966 to 2002- was a senior research engineer with TNO Institute of Applied Physics, an independent contract research organization in Delft, The Netherlands. VanRenesse Consulting provides the following services:
  1. Analysis and security evaluation of valuable documents such as passports, bank checks, credit cards, high-value travel warrants and PIN-mailers.
  2. Analysis and security evaluation of document and product security features.
  3. Research on security value and human factors of valuable document and product security features.
  4. Research on patents & scientific publications in the field of document and product security.
  5. Security audits.
  6. Courses and tutorials on document security, security of valuable products, holography, biometrics and the theory of colors.
  7. Visualization and illustration of the optical effects of security features for publications and reports of third parties (short & long wave UV, near infrared, macroscopy, microscopy, magnetic properties, etc.)
  8. Workshops and courses on document and product security, holography, the theory of colors and biometrics.
Van Renesse published tens of papers on these and other subjects at authoritative international conferences and wrote chapters on document security for various textbooks. He is the author of Optical Document Security, an internationally recognized textbook on all aspects of document security. Van Renesse was the chair/editor of the biannual SPIE Conferences on Optical Security and Counterfeit Deterrence Techniques from 1996 to 2006 in San Jose (CA, USA), which Conference Series he then terminated. In 2008 Van Renesse, as a chair/editor, started the follow up biannual Conference series on Optical Document Security held in San Francisco (CA, USA), in cooperation with Reconnaissance International. The next Conference on Optical Document Security will be held in San Francisco in January 2012. Van Renesse teaches courses on document and product security at these conferences and at training classes for the Royal Dutch Marechaussee as well as at international training classes on a regular basis. Van Renesse is on the Advisory Board of Authentication News, the International Business Newsletter of Authentication (UK).